chutes de bois à latelier

Some of our favourite addresses:

Les cadres Gault
Frame and mirror crafting and restoration. Traditional craftwork and materials.
Interesting section on frame making.

Eric Benqué
The website of the furniture designer, Eric Benqué. Lots of photographs of his work, especially in the United States.


Catherine Auguste
This single-piece furniture designer is a specialist in curio cabinets and motives.


Ferronnerie Bouillot 
Metal workers of exception and specialists too, whether the work is traditional or contemporary.
Some of their references for restoration work:
- Metal work at Château de Cormatin
- Sound towers at Palais des Congrès (Porte Maillot, Paris)
- Waterfall and fish pond railings (Parc de St Cloud)
- Railings at the Council of Europe
- Railing restoration at Bergerie du Château de Rambouillet
- Metal work at Autun cathedral